Legal Remedies for Home Buyers Facing Delayed Possession of Property

When home buyers invest their hard-earned money in purchasing a property, they rightfully expect timely possession of their new home. Unfortunately, there are several situations where the procedure could go disappointing. The builder may fail to deliver the property to the buyer within the stipulated time frame (or, in some cases, even after a lengthy […]

5 Vital Components of a Builder-Buyer Dispute

Building your dream house is an exciting journey. Still, unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to disagreements and disputes between buyers and builders. Contractual difficulties, quality problems, and building delays are just a few possible causes of these disputes. Understanding your rights as a buyer and the important factors that can affect a builder-buyer dispute. In […]

Builder-Buyer Agreement: All You Need to Know

In recent updates, the Supreme Court classified a Builder-Buyer agreement as a crucial case for consumer protection. And respectively have asked the centres to form some uniformity in the agreement. A builder-buyer agreement is a step further towards protecting the buyers’ interests. But what exactly is a builder-buyer agreement? Builder-Buyer Agreement A builder-buyer agreement is […]

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Who Is A RERA Lawyer

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The Jury Duty and How It Is Selected

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