This case study involves Dhruv Dua, a chartered accountant residing in Kalkaji, New Delhi, as the client. The client entered an MOU with the builder in 2021. However, due to some issues, an FIR was lodged by Dhruv Dua on 15th July 2022 at the police station in Loni, District Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (FIR No. 0821/2022).

Legal Remedy

Following the legal proceedings, a settlement agreement was reached between Dhruv Dua and the builder on 30th September 2022. As per the settlement agreement, the builder agreed to refund the total amount paid by the client, which amounted to Rs. 36,53,737/-, along with an interest amount of Rs. 30,45,023/-. Therefore, the total amount to be received by Dhruv Dua was Rs. 63,94,257/-.


The settlement agreement specified that the builder would refund in three installments, Maxleben Advisory helped them get it.The first installment of Rs. 31,97,128/- was due by 30th September 2022, and it was paid to the client via Cheque No. 901014. The second installment of Rs. 4,56,609/- and the third installment of Rs. 27,40,520/- were due by 31st October 2022 and were to be paid to the client via RTGS.
This case study highlights the refund claim with interest pursued by Dhruv Dua based on the settlement agreement signed in 2022.

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