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Facing Real-Estate Disputes? Trust Maxleben Advisory for Successful Resolutions

Delayed Possession

Delayed possession can lead you to unwanted delays to get your property in due time. Maxleben Advisory gives you…
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No Construction

Maxleben Advisory takes charge when it comes to no construction issues, ensuring swift resolutions and safeguarding…
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Undisclosed Fees

Maxleben Advisory protects your money and ensure that any hidden fee imposed by the builder are addressed carefully…
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Registration Frauds

When facing registration frauds, Maxleben Advisory provides legal professionals who can assess your case precisely…
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Title Frauds

Maxleben Advisory offers you with comprehensive support to handle rejected claims caused by the concerned builder…
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Low Construction quality

Where the builder is unwilling to cooperate or rectify the construction quality issues, Maxleben Advisory can help…
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Who Are we?

Building your home or a commercial space can be a let down experience when there is a builder-buyer dispute. This is where Maxleben Advisory steps in. We are here to build a bridge that mends broken promises and restores the harmony between builders and buyers. From negotiating settlements and mediating discussions to representing your voice in legal proceedings, we leave no stone unturned in pursuing a fair and equitable solution for your real-estate disputes.

What We Do?

We at Maxleben Advisory bridge a gap between buyers and builders, offering expert guidance, legal insights, and comprehensive services to facilitate successful real estate disputes and prevail justice.


How We Do it?

We start by understanding the requirements of our clients. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the real estate market, we carefully analyze various legal considerations and solutions.

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What Will it Cost?

We provide cost-effective solutions and charge only after the success of the case. Our priority is freeing clients from the cost pressures of hiring attorneys for litigation. Maxleben Advisory has no hidden costs.

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How We Get Results?

We Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions to Harmonize Builder-Buyer Disputes

Legal Consultation

We offer detailed legal consultation and solutions to assess the merits of your case and outline the potential legal options available to you.

Clear Negotiations

Our skilled negotiators work with all the gathered information to reach favorable settlements through mediation and negotiation.

Professional Support

We prepare strong legal arguments that assert your rights, gather evidence, and advocate on your behalf to ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

Documentation Review

Maxleben Advisory assists you in reviewing the relevant documents such as purchase agreements, construction contracts, and warranties.

Expert Opinion

Maxleben Advisory provides expert opinions where there are disagreements regarding the quality of construction, technical aspects and valuation services.

Project Monitoring

Maxleben Advisory offers you with project monitoring services to ensure compliance with agreed-upon specifications, timelines, and quality standards.

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Find Answers To All Your Queries Here!

Builder-buyer disputes are the conflicts arising between home buyers and builders over building delays, quality flaws, non-compliance with agreements, or possession concerns.

Maxleben Advisory handles a wide range of builder buyer disputes, including project delays, construction defects, non-compliance with contractual obligations, unfair practices, non-refund of payments, and legal issues related to real estate transactions.

Maxleben Advisory employs a team of experienced professionals who thoroughly analyze the situation and provide strategic guidance to resolve the dispute. We assist in negotiating with builders, reviewing contracts, assessing legal options, suggesting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and providing expert opinions when needed.

Maxleben Advisory adopts a holistic approach to dispute resolution. We begin by understanding the specific details of the dispute and conducting a thorough analysis. Based on this assessment, we develop a tailored strategy, which may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or legal action.

Yes, Maxleben Advisory can assist you with property-related documentation and due diligence. We can review and analyze your agreements, contracts, and other relevant documents to ensure compliance and protect your interests. Our expertise in real estate matters allow us to identify any potential risks or legal issues associated with the property transaction.

By seeking assistance from Maxleben Advisory, individuals or groups facing builder buyer disputes can benefit from their expertise and experience in the field. We provide a systematic approach to resolving disputes, help in minimizing legal complexities, offer customized solutions, and strive to protect the interests of the affected parties.