The case involved a payment dispute with the builder. The client sought a refund with interest for an amount that had been stuck for several years. Through their expertise and legal strategy, Maxleben Legal Advisory successfully secured the payment owed to their client. Inder Narain Gupta had paid a total amount of Rs. 1,59,581/-. Unfortunately, the amount remained stuck for a significant period of time, causing financial inconvenience to the client. Seeking justice, Mr Gupta approached Maxleben Legal Advisory for assistance in resolving the matter.

Legal Remedy

Maxleben Legal Advisory filed a complaint under the Hon’ble UP RERA (Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority) to seek redressal for their client. The complaint was registered under the number NCR145/09/2132/2019. On 26th May 2020, the Hon’ble UP RERA passed an order in favour of the client, acknowledging the validity of the claim and the need for compensation. Maxleben Legal Advisory negotiated a settlement agreement between their client, Inder Narain Gupta, and builder, ensuring a fair resolution. The settlement agreement stipulated that the builder would make the payment in two installments.
The builder agreed to pay the first installment of Rs. 2,50,000/- to the client via cheque by 14/01/2021. The builder agreed to pay the second installment of Rs. 1,59,581/- to the client via cheque by 14/01/2022.


Maxleben Legal Advisory successfully represented Inder Narain Gupta in his case. Through their strategic legal approach, they secured the refund of the full amount paid by the client, along with the promised interest. The settlement agreement ensured a fair resolution and brought an end to the long-standing financial dispute

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