Rakesh Gulati

Location : Delhi Amount Paid To Builder : Rs. 60,00,000/- Relief Sought : Refund With Interest Amount Received From Builder : Rs. 90,00,000 Background A prospective buyer, Rakesh Gulati, agreed with builder to purchase a property. He paid the builder a substantial amount of 60 lacs as part of the agreed transaction. However, due to […]

Amit Kumar Bansal

Location : Sahadra, Delhi Amount Paid To Builder : Rs. 35,59,619/- Relief Sought : Refund With Interest Amount Received From Builder : Rs. 57,51,158/- Background This case study covers the legal proceedings and settlement agreement between Amit Kumar Bansal, a chartered accountant residing in Anand Vihar, Delhi, and the builder. The relief sought by Amit […]

Builder-Buyer Agreement: All You Need to Know

In recent updates, the Supreme Court classified a Builder-Buyer agreement as a crucial case for consumer protection. And respectively have asked the centres to form some uniformity in the agreement. A builder-buyer agreement is a step further towards protecting the buyers’ interests. But what exactly is a builder-buyer agreement? Builder-Buyer Agreement A builder-buyer agreement is […]

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